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Rabu, 17 Januari 2018

Red Cedar Lumber Can Be Used For A Plethora Of Different Projects

By Marie Murphy

There are all sorts of different materials that could be used within the home, but one of the most versatile is wood. While wood can be used as a base material for building a house, it can also be used for flooring, furniture, landscaping, decor, in addition to tending the fire. When considering the different projects you can do with various woods, red cedar lumber is one of the options that can be used in some of the most unique ways.

Red cedar trees are both tall and sturdy with even grain, making them optimal for use as lumber. Due to their height, long and straight boards can be cut and used in that state or trimmed down to be smaller, more manageable pieces. Due to the fact it is considered a hardwood, it will stand the test of time, even with vigorous activity.

The fragrance this wood has is something else that people generally love about it. Colognes, air fresheners, and body products often use its spicy, woody, and citrusy notes which is why it is a common ingredient. In fact, some people will take small cedar blocks and put them in the drawers of their dressers to keep their clothing smelling fresh.

Flooring is yet another common application for this material by cutting it into planks that can be used for the floor, ceiling, or your walls. Thanks to its unique reddish coloration and pleasant fragrance, it can it in easily into an open area, bathroom, or sauna. Like most other types of wood, cedar will take paint, varnish, or stain, and last for great lengths of time.

Cedar furniture is another popular way to use this product. It can be made into dressers, beds, futons, or dining room furniture. It is often used to provide furniture that has a rustic look for any home.

Cedar becomes just as versatile outside as it is inside by using it for siding. The smell can keep pests at bay and it weathers really well. Just as you might for inside applications, paint and stain it as needed outdoors, or simply keep it natural to add strong resale value to the house.

Decking material is yet another fantastic outdoor use for this wood. It can easily be walked over whether it is soaked through or dry and it can even be treated to become sturdier outdoors. It forever, looks attractive, and becomes another addition that brings added value to the resale value of your home.

Everybody has a certain style regarding the way they decorate their house both inside and out, yet some elements simply mesh with all styles. Thankfully, red cedar is one such product and can blend in with homes that are rustic, modern, art deco, country, and everything in between. After you see for yourself just how stunning this wood can be and take in its amazing fragrance, you will find uses for it in all your rooms and maybe even take advantage of it outside.

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